The last few months have been hard for everyone as many of us have not been able to work or leave the house. But we are still open and listening to the rules so we can still operate and keep you safe.

Every device we repair is thoroughly cleaned by removing 99% of the bacteria off the phone before handing it back to you in a bubble wrap cover.

We don’t need to enter your property because we have a customised van which we do the repairs in so you can rest easy while the device is repaired, and know that it will come back looking brand new and clean.

If you have any other worries or concerns please call us or give us an email and we can explain more in detail.

Need your phone fixing?

21st Century Repairs is a mobile phone repair business that operates in Nottingham as a mobile phone reparation service provider.

What makes us different is that we operate in a van meaning we can be mobile and flexible to do repairs all over the city as efficient and effective as possible.

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Mobile Phone Network unlocking

Mobile Phone Network unlocking

What is network unlocking?When a phone is locked to a certain network, it will only work with a particular provider, usually depending on who you purchased it from (e.g. vodafone).    Once your contract has expired with your current provider, your mobile will...

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