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Need your phone fixing?

21st Century Repairs is a mobile phone repair business that operates in Nottingham as a mobile phone reparation service provider.

What makes us different is that we operate in a van meaning we can be mobile and flexible to do repairs all over the city as efficient and effective as possible.

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How to stop my phone from listening to me?

How to stop my phone from listening to me?

how to stop my phone from listening to me? At one point or another we have all been talking with our friends about a certain subject or a certain brand of clothing and the next time we go on our phone to go on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter the thing you were talking...

IOS 14 Update 2020

IOS 14 Update 2020

With IOS 14 just around the corner, I thought I would give my opinion and tell you guys some of the new features in Apple's upcoming update IOS 14. There is a bunch of new features on this update.   IOS 14 has many new features, and many changes, but all in...

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