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About us 

21st Century Repairs is a mobile phone repair business that does phone repairs in Nottingham. 

What makes us different is that we operate in a van meaning we are able to be mobile and flexible to do repairs all over the city as efficient and effective as possible.

The problem 21st Century Repairs is solving is the fact that most dedicated shops are in fixed places and can only rely on local customers. This is a good choice for small towns but for big cities like Nottingham mobility is one of the most important aspects.

At 21st Century Repairs we want to stand out and make it less time consuming for people to fix their devices as fast and effective as possible whilst delivering an excellent customer service.

How we do it – 5 Steps To Your Perfect Repair…


Step 1: Select Your Device 

Click “Book a repair” in the top header. Then select the device you’d like repaired (ie iPhone 6s). Then select the type of repair your device needs (ie Screen Replacement).

Step two: Choose the day, time and location

Select what day and time you would like your device to be repaired. Lastly confirm your details such as Name, Email, Phone number and Location. You will get a confirmation email sent to your email address.

Step three: The Big Day

On the day of your repair, our technicians will come to you wherever you are – at home, place of work, hotel or cafe. All we need is somewhere to park. We will collect the device and begin the repair.

Step 4: We get to work

All work is carried out in our customised mobile workshop which is equipped with the latest tools and stock with genuine spares and components.

Step 5: Job done

Once repaired, your technician will demo your device to ensure you’re completely happy with the service.


Do you take payment before or after the repair?

We only take payment after the repair is done, if the device is not fixed, it’s no fix no fee.

How long will it take to do a repair?

It will take usually 30-45 minutes, sometimes even shorter. Once we have collected your device will return the same day.

What areas of Nottingham do you operate in?

NG2 – Sneinton, Meadows, West Bridgford

NG3 – Carlton, St Ann’s, Mapperley

NG4 – Gedling, Netherfield, Colwick

NG5 – Sherwood, Arnold, Top Valley, Rise Park

NG6 – Bestwood Village, Bullwell, Old Basford

NG7 – New Basford, Forest Fields, Hyson Green, Radford, Lenton

Extra Distance

NG8 – Wollaton, Bilborough, Aspley, Cinderhill, + £10 for Extra Distance

NG9 – Attenborough, Beeston, Stapleford + £10 for Extra Distance


Do you only take cash payments?

We can take cash and card.


Where are your repairs carried out?

All of our repairs are carried out in our customised van that has a workshop inside.

Need your phone fixing?

21st Century Repairs is a mobile phone repair business that operates in Nottingham as a mobile phone reparation service provider.

What makes us different is that we operate in a van meaning we are able to be mobile and flexible to do repairs all over the city as efficient and effective as possible.

Meet the technicians 

Lamar Griffiths

Lamar Griffiths


Lamar is 20 years old and has had experience in the mobile repairing industry working alongside Reece until they both decided to make a change in the industry forever, instead of people having to travel out there way to get their phones fixed.  Lamar and Reece came up with 21st-Century Repairs, so people never have to travel to get their device fixed again.

Reece Walker

Reece Walker


Reece is 20 years old and has 3 years experience in the mobile repairing industry, he ran a repair shop in the city center for a year and a half, after his time working in town as a mobile repair technician/manager he and his now business partner decided to go make it on there own with 21st century repairs and to make a difference in the mobile repairing industry.

Check out our vehicle that we operate from

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