You must have had such nights where you were casually scrolling through your social media feed and then ended up spending the entire night on your phone. But, guess what? The blue light emitted by your phone screen is most likely the cause of your inability to sleep. So, you may wonder how it affects your sleep cycle and are anti-blue light screen protectors any good?

The wavelength of blue light is short. Short-wavelength colors can strain your eyes and hinder your sleep if you are constantly exposed to them. This is where anti-blue screen protector comes in handy. It can help minimize the amount of blue light emitted by digital screens.

In this article, I will talk about how blue light affects you and your sleep. It is hard to stay away from digital screens these days. Using anti-blue light screen protectors is the best way to protect your eyes. So, I will also tell you why you should use screen protectors from Ocushield.  

What Is Blue Light?

The sunlight we see seems white. But it actually has seven colors which are violet, blue, indigo, green, yellow, orange, and red. Each of these colors has wavelengths and energy. Blue light is one of the colors that have a shorter wavelength that affects our eyes. Check out Healthline’s article for more information.

The longer the wavelength of color is, the less it affects the eyes. So, colors like red and green are less stressful to the eye. Their wavelength is above 550 nanometers. On the other hand, colors like blue and violet have shorter wavelengths. The wavelength of blue lights is between 435 and 500 nanometers. 

In this modern age, we are not just limited to natural blue light. Devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, LED lights, fluorescent lights, and other digital devices release blue light all the time. 

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Eyes? 

Ocushield anti blue light screen protector

All colors affect the eyes, but the colors of short wavelengths are not always good for the eyes. For example, the violet of the sunray known as the UV ray is harmful to our eyes. Similarly, blue light has a short wavelength that can also harm the eyes. 

The retina of the eye is light sensitive, so UV rays and blue lights can cause serious problems. The cornea and the lens behind it can block UV rays from reaching the retina. Unfortunately, they are not very effective in blocking all virtually produced blue lights. 

According to experts, these are some of the eye problems it can cause:

Macular Degeneration

The macular is the part of the retina that helps to see things clearly. With age, the macular degenerates, and our vision becomes blurry. But blue lights can damage the macular faster than expected. Looking at digital screens can result in dry macular. 

Digital Eye Stress

Digital eye stress has become a common problem among people who use mobiles and laptops for long hours a day. When we use these devices, we end up blinking less than normal. Hence, the eyes get strained. Blue light also partially causes stress on your eyes and the optic nerves. The most common symptoms of eye stress are:

  •       Tired eyes
  •       Dry eyes
  •       Itchiness in eyes
  •       Headaches 
  •       Vision problem

How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

The sunlight has a lot of blue lights, which is good for our body. The blue light of day time helps us to sleep at night. But, nowadays, we are exposed to more blue light from our digital devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. The continuous contact with blue light causes sleep deprivation.

Blue light suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is released in our brains. It helps us to fall asleep at night. When you expose yourself to a lot of blue light before bedtime, it gives the wrong signal to the brain. The brain thinks it is daytime since blue light naturally comes from daylight.

Many people use their smartphones until late at night. This exposure causes less secretion of melatonin. As a result, people cannot sleep in time, and the circadian rhythm gets affected. This causes some more health issues, like heart disease, mental stress, and infection.  

Living without modern devices is almost impossible these days. Unfortunately, most of these devices emit blue light. As we can’t seem to keep our hands off our phones or laptops, it’s best to limit our exposure. One way to reduce blue light exposure is by using blue-light-blocking glasses or anti-blue light screen protectors on phones and laptops.

For guaranteed protection from blue light, we recommend you to use anti-blue light screen protectors and glasses from Ocusheild.                     

How Can Ocushied Help Protect You And Your Health?

Ocusheild has medically approved screen protectors for reducing blue light. You can find an anti-blue screen protector for devices like smartphones, iPad, MacBooks, monitors, glasses, and even lamps from Ocusheild. 

Features Of Screen Protectors From Ocusheiled

Clear Image: The Ocusheild screen protectors do not have a retro orange tint. Thus, you will have clear picture quality.

Durable glass: The anti-blue protectors are made not just to block blue lights. They are also made to protect your device screen. The protectors are made of super-strong tempered glass to protect the screen from damage. 

No air bubble problem: When you try to apply the screen protector on the screen of your devices, there is always a chance of getting bubbles on the screen. But screen protectors from Ocusheild come with applicators. So, you do not have to worry about bubbles. 

Designs: Ocusheild makes well-designed glass protectors for Samsung and Apple devices. They are developed and designed by optometrists in the United Kingdom. They also make glasses of various designs for both men and women.

Anti-reflective glass: The glasses on the protective screens and eyeglasses are anti-reflective. So, no reflection will bother you. The eyeglasses also have anti-fogging, anti-smudge, and UV light filtering glasses. 

Medically approved: Ocushield glasses are qualified as Class 1 medical devices by the MHRA in the UK.  The eyeglasses from Ocusheild can efficiently block blue light, and the FDA also approved them.

Benefits Of Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

The following are some of the benefits of wearing Ocusheild’s anti-blue screen protectors and eyeglasses:

Eye Protection

The anti-blue light screen protectors and glasses will create a barrier between your eyes and blue light. Thus, the exposure gets reduced, and your eyes stay protected. Moreover, your eyes will not get dry anymore, and you will feel fresh. Thus, you will be able to focus longer on your work. 

Reduced Headaches

Too much exposure to digital screens can cause headaches. The glasses of Ocushield have blue light blocking abilities. Your eye nerves will be at ease. As a result, you will get fewer headaches. 

Improved Sleep

Blue light-emitting devices should be avoided for at least 3 hours before going to bed. Some of us, however, continue to use our phones beyond midnight. You can apply Ocusheild’s phone screen protector to reduce the effect of blue light. 

Ocusheild currently offers anti-blue screen protectors for the iPhone and Samsung devices. It will assist you in bettering your sleep cycle. It will aid in the improvement of your sleep cycle, that’s for sure!

Reduce Skin Damage

Scientists have found that regular exposure to blue light can change skin cells. It can cause the skin to age fast. So, anti-blue light glass protectors from Ocusheild can reduce the effect. Besides, they have antibacterial coatings that protect against many skin problems.

Apart from providing all these benefits, Ocusheild also guarantees you a full refund if you are not impressed by their products. You will have 100 days to return the products. To buy the best anti-blue light screen protector and glasses, please check out Ocushield.

Ocushield anti blue light screen protector
Ocushield anti blue light screen protector


Hopefully, you have learned about blue light and how an anti-blue light screen protector can help you. To have a sound sleep, you have to protect your eyes.

 Thus, make an effort to limit your exposure to blue light in your regular life. Thanks for stopping by!

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