Is your Android Battery draining fast? Step 1: Turn off your location

By entirely shutting off your GPS function you will see a great change in how long your phone’s battery will last. You can turn off this function by following these steps:

Settings > Security & Location > Location

If using an Android Pie device, you will need to follow these steps instead:

Settings > Security & Location > Advanced > Scanning You can then disable WiFi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning.

You can also block certain apps that do not require the use of your location. You can do this by going to:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > App Permissions

Step 2: Dark Mode

If your phone allows this option, switching your phone over to the dark theme helps preserve its battery power. To change your phone to dark mode you can follow these steps:

Settings > Display > Advanced > Device Theme (from here you can activate the dark setting).


Step 3: Disable your phones screen pixels

To do this you will need to download a third-party app called ‘Pixoff’; this can be used instead of switching your phone to dark mode, as spoken about above.

Doing this will help to conserve your phone’s battery power, and unless you watch movies or use your phone in HD, you shouldn’t even see much of a downfall in quality.



Step 4: Auto-Sync Settings

Disabling auto-sync will stop you from receiving notifications, you will only see new content when manually openings apps. Apps will constantly refresh themselves in the background, resulting in your battery power being drained. To disable auto-sync, go to:

Settings > Accounts (then turn off the Automatically Sync Data option).

Step 5: Manage apps access to background data

You can decide what apps are able to access background data by following these steps:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advance > Data Usage

Step 6: Switch to Lite or Progressive web apps

These apps are a slimmed-down version of apps, they are available in your browser. They don’t request many resources and you will not miss out on much.

In simpler terms, by deleting the Twitter app on your phone and accessing it through your browser instead, your battery power should improve.

Step 7: Disable the Google Assistant feature

Yes, Google Assistant can be a handy feature to have, but it is also another feature that gobbles up your phone’s battery power. It is constantly listening for the ‘Hey Google’ command, meaning it has to run in the background. So, unless you are heavily reliant on this feature, your battery will be much better off without it.

Unfortunately, Google does not make it easy for you to turn this feature off, but that is what we are here for!

Start by going on to the google app and tap the More tab. Then go to Settings, then under the Google Assistant heading tap Settings again. Next, you should tap the Assistant tab, you should then find your phone’s name at the bottom of the list. You can now turn off the Google Assistant option.

Step 8: Faulty Apps

If you have noticed that an app is not working how it should be it could mean that it is faulty; this could also result in your battery power being drained. You can see what apps are using the most power by visiting:

Settings > Battery > Menu > Battery Usage

If you notice an app that you do not use regularly use is using up a lot of your battery’s power then you can simply try deleting it and seeing whether this makes a difference.

Step 9: Decide what apps you want to have working in the background

The majority of apps you use continue to run in the background even when you are not actually using them. You can restrict apps by doing this by going to:

Settings > Apps & Notifications, then Advanced > Battery > Background Restriction

A third-party app called Greenify will also help stop apps from running in the background; this is mostly for older devices where you cannot stop apps from running in the background via settings. So, if you can, we recommend going through the settings option before downloading third-party apps.

Step 10: Change your WiFi settings

Although it is helpful for your phone to automatically connect to a WiFi network; this is draining your battery. To turn off this function and stop your phone from actively seeking open networks, go to:

Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi > WiFi Preferences (you can then uncheck the turn on WiFi automatically option).

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