Harmful effects of mobile phones on students – Although the advancement in technology has made our lives a lot easier and more luxurious, every modern technological gadget has negative impacts on society. Similarly, mobile phones also have some harmful effects besides their numerous advantages. In a survey in some Nordic countries where cell phone useage was about 93%, more than 50% of smartphone users observed harmful consequences due to mobile phones. Especially talking about the students, mobile phones have many seriously damaging effects. Some of the negative impacts of cell phones on students are described below:

1.    Poor vision

The constant usage of mobile phones affects their vision. They might feel different problems relating to their eyes, e.g., redness, blurry vision, burning sensation, and even low eyesight. Being students, they already need to study their books, which is already enough strain for their eyes. Building up the stress by using mobile phones day and night can cause serious complications.

Hence, they should limit their mobile phone use if they cannot abandon it. Moreover, a distance of at least 16cm is prescribed to be maintained between the face of the user and the mobile screen.

2.    Disturbed sleep

Students have quite a heavy load of responsibilities regarding their studies. Besides their hectic hours at school or college, they also need to speed a lot of time at home doing their homework. In addition to this, if they start wasting their precious time on mobile phones, at last, they will have to sacrifice their sleep.

Another important reason for disturbed sleep is proved by various researches. It is believed that the radiations being used by mobile phones disturb the natural sleep cycle. Besides this, these radiations also cause other symptoms that combine to cause conditions like sleeplessness.

3.    Lack of focus

The fully fantasized world of the internet and smartphones distract the focus of students from studies. Other than that, lack of sleep also plays a vital role in distracting their focus. When they do not get the required sleep, they cannot perform well. They lack concentration, and this also affects their results.

4.    Tension and anxiety

The light ray emitted from the mobile screen affects the eyes. Besides that, they directly cause a headache. Also, the overburdening of the brain by constantly playing games and using other applications causes severe migraines. These headaches and migraines eventually lead to stress, tension, anxiety, and at last, depression.

5.    Cybercrimes

Cyber-crimes, especially cyberbullying, give rise to students’ mental health problems, which can also drive them into depression. Students are only teenagers. They do not have ample experiences to deal with such situations and can easily fall prey to these troubles. To avoid such circumstances, it becomes necessary for the parents to keep an eye on their children and not let them trap in such networks.

6.    Health issues

Besides the harmful effects of radiation being emitted from mobile phones on human health, there are other health issues too that are related to using smartphones. For example, the impact on the vision. Also, the constant usage of smartphones leads to bending postures that can cause pain in the neck, back, or shoulders. These problems can revert to normal easily by forbidding the use of smartphones. If they continue, consult your doctor.

7.    Poor academic performance

All of these situations cause hurdles in the study of these students. They are not able to focus and learn. Nor are they able to remember things. They lose their intelligence and become dull and irresponsible. They stop taking responsibility for their failures and working for their success.

The condition worsens with the introduction of mobile phones into educational institutions. Students stop taking classes. Moreover, they use mobile phones, even inside their classrooms, which shows their irresponsible behavior.

8.    Isolation

Students, when failing in their exams, tests, or quizzes, take refuge in their smartphones. They isolate themselves from their teachers and parents and lose themselves in their smartphones. This isolation builds up and can lead to serious mental issues.

9.    Increase in immoral activities

The vast acquittance of the internet and social media gives them access to inappropriate content. These unmatured brains divert to the wrong when they observe it to be something new, fascinating, and mesmerizing. They will not even realize that this addiction is taking them to not only social disturbance but also moral downfall.

Considering the above background, it becomes not the need but the obligation of their elders, especially parents and teachers, to control this usage to a limit where they can be protected from all of these harmful effects. Parents should keep a constant check on their cell phones to ensure their safety. By using them with precautions, they can get various advantages from this useful invention.

Although there are some adverse effects on students using mobile phones without check and balance, we cannot neglect their importance. They allowed us to talk across the borders and even overseas to our loved ones. We just need to be careful with technology.

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