How have mobile phones have changed? – In 2020, can you imagine a life without a smartphone? Of course, not! 


Smartphones are now an inevitable part of modern life, but these communication hubs were not so advanced in the 1990s. A lot has changed over the last 30 years. 


Let’s briefly look at the series of changes that occurred from 1990 to 2020. 


Cost-effective consumer handsets came into the market. Until 1992, the use of mobile phones was restricted for business purposes. But when the restriction got lifted, the maximum use of the portable phone was for businesses.  


Moreover, mass production paved the way for phones with digital displays. In this period, cell phones reduced in size, and technology made huge improvements.

How Mobile Phones Have Changed


By the end of 1995, the messaging feature was added to mobile phones.  

In this period, the price of a mobile phone with 2G technology was $200. 1997 was the year when colourful mobiles came into the markets and became the top sign of high-status.  

This era is significant as it added a splash of colour to mobiles. Siemens S10 company excelled in making the colorful display of mobiles. In 1997, Ericson also offered keyboard colored panels of the phones. Nokia introduced the first fashioned oriented phones in the same period. 

How Mobile Phones Have Changed


In 2000, the very first camera phone was launched by Sharp. After two years, Sony Ericsson T68i was introduced, with the clip-on camera. 2003 is also an important year when video calling became possible, although not many people could access this feature at that time. 


So, in short, we can say that the advent of video calling and camera phones took place in this period. 

Here is the kicker, the implementation of 3G with a maximum of 2MBs speed also became possible in 2003. 

How Mobile Phones Have Changed


It was time to get smarter. In May 2007, the first touchscreen phone came into the market with all the scrolling and swiping features.  


LG Prada was the company that achieved this milestone ahead of the Apple iPhone.  


But later, Apple introduced much more advanced and superior touch screen iPhones to grab the users’ attention. So, the first iPhone was launched in 2007. 

How Mobile Phones Have Changed


Smartphones started offering a lot of other features and became a full-time need. 4G services are launched in more than ten cities in the UK. Google voice feature also added up in several other functions. 


By 2012, the download speed reached up to 12mbps. This was the time when cell phones became a crucial part of modern lives.  


Video calling and video streaming feature greatly grabbed the people’s interests, and various social media platforms also became surprisingly popular.  

How Mobile Phones Have Changed


Currently, we are living in a super-fast world. It’s time to test 5G services. A lot of famous companies are introducing new and unique handset designs with breathtaking features. Now there is a lot of competition in the market. 


In May 2019, 5G services were tested in 6 cities in the UK.   


Ultra-High Video Streaming, pop-up selfie cameras, calculators, and many unique features are still being added. 

How Mobile Phones Have Changed

How have mobile phones changed? – Final Verdict 

In 2020, living without a phone is not possible. It is our best friend and provides everything we need, from online shopping options to building up reports and notes. 


Now you know all about the overall changes in mobile phones in the last 30 years. 

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