iPhone charging port not working? Your phone has stopped charging, and you’re beginning to panic. But don’t worry today we are listing all of The causes of an iPhone not being able to charge some of them are simple and some more advanced. The most common questions we get about repairs are people Saying their charging port is broken, But usually, it’s not a charging port it’s something completely different. 

1: Check to make sure your charger is not damaged – iPhone charging port not working

iPhone charging port not working

First of all, let’s get the simple ones out of the way first. You want to make sure your charger is not flimsy on the lightning port, and the cable isn’t frayed in any way. If it is, this could be the reason your phone has completely stopped charging. I would recommend that you try family members or a friend’s charger first before trying the other options on the list.


If you do need a new charger, I do recommend that you get a Magnetic iPhone charger Basically what this does is lock into place when your phone is on charge. Hence, if you trip over it or anything like that it’s not going to rip out and break like your traditional iPhone chargers I personally split my charges a lot. I now have a couple of these around the house, and they’re brilliant and haven’t broken one since.


It is also a good idea to check to make sure your charger is good quality because some of the charges you can buy nowadays are really cheap for about £1 and they don’t work well. They can end up breaking your charging port and overcharge the battery. 


Always make sure you get high-quality chargers for your iPhones. Cheaper is not always better; I’d recommend using Apple-approved chargers because they are best for the phone.

The maximum approved amperage for iPhone chargers is 2.1 this is the recommended standard set by Apple so you should stick to those Recommendations to keep your phone in working order for the longest time possible.

2: Clean out that charging port!

Now, this might be another obvious one, but most people don’t know that if you get tweezers and start digging around in your charging port. You won’t believe the amount of dust that comes out of it. Careful when you do it, to try not to break any of the pins but it is tough to do that, you should be fine.


As we do this daily and have never broken one by using this method you have to make sure to use metal tweezers though because otherwise if using anything else like a toothpick or something small it’s not strong enough. 


It won’t get most of the dust or lint that’s caught inside or sometimes even food cluster or any other kind of dust depending what your profession is, usually is what’s inside the charging port. We get a lot of builders with plastered covered phones.


If you’re not sure if your charging port has dust in it or is just broken you can tell by putting in your charger and if it feels loose, or you can wiggle it around, and it has room to move around, then chances are it’s covered in dust and will need cleaning once it’s cleaned it will charge again like being brand new.

3: Hard reset and soft reset 

If none of the above options has worked out for you, the next thing I would suggest is to reset your phone soft first before you even consider a hard reset. If you want to know how to do a soft reset and a hard reset, please look at our iPhone reset guide.

4: Time to get the charging port repaired -iPhone charging port not working

If all the above options have not worked, and you cannot get your iPhone to charge, don’t panic we can still help if you would like to book a repair of us and you were in the Nottingham area book a repair now or message us for a free quote. If you don’t live in Nottingham or can’t get to the area would you recommend that you look up local shops in your area they should be able to help you out?

Why won't my iPhone charge?

Other reasons why your iPhone charging ports not working FAQ

1: My phone Comes up with the charging symbol but never gets past it?

This could be a few different things this could mean that you need a new battery and the battery below shows the percentage required for it to boot up. So getting a new battery in your phone should fix this problem.

2: I can hear my phone making the charging sound when I put in the lightning cable, but there’s no display?

This might not even be a charging or a battery-related problem it could be a screen if your screen is broken a new screen should be able to fix that or it could be the Display IC Which is a tiny component on the board that you can only see through a microscope. Hence, if this is broken, you need to take it to a technician that can fix this.

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