how to stop my phone from listening to me? At one point or another we have all been talking with our friends about a certain subject or a certain brand of clothing and the next time we go on our phone to go on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter the thing you were talking about then comes up as an ad. It makes you think how has that happened and why is it listening to my conversations. This has been a conspiracy theory for a long time, I wanted to do some research and get to the bottom of this and find out if it’s conspiracy theory or fact. 


So I set out and started doing some digging around to find out if our phones are listening to our conversations and showing us ads based on what we are talking about to our friends and family.

Have there been any tests before?

The Answer to that is yes there have been many tests before, myself and my friends have also done a test before we all sat down the phones next to us out of our pockets And started talking about Hugo Boss brand grey joggers for about 3-5 minutes and then we both went on Facebook and Instagram To see the results. And not to our surprise about 15 minutes later We both saw the ads pop up and our feeds one of us had seen it on Instagram and one had seen it on the Facebook feed.


Many other people and even new stations have tested the same theory and all come back with the same results. The problem is that the owners of Instagram and Facebook completely deny all accusations and conspiracy theories that show evidence their apps are listening to our conversations. And showing us ads that are related to the topics we talk about in our day to day lives, I will leave a video link down below that you can look at that goes into more detail about the tests they have done.


how to stop my phone from listening to me?

Why does it happen or seem like it’s happening? 

So let’s say this doesn’t happen and they don’t listen to what you do or say how else would they be able to show you the ad that you were talking about? One of the possibilities is that you have searched something on google on your computer on the same Google account you have on your phone.

Because then they can show you ads on Facebook and Instagram based on what you have been searching online for example if you are searching for men’s rings On Google or any other search engine the next time you are on your phone on any social media you’re most likely get an ad for men’s rings. Because that is how Facebook and Instagram ads work they collect your data and use cookies from when you search in different sites and save your Search and purchase history On the web.

So sometimes if you think you spoke about something chances are you may have searched it earlier in the week or on a different day. This is the counter-argument of the owners of Facebook and Instagram that their apps do not record your conversations or listen to anything that you were saying.


But it is also known that other apps when you open them up they ask you to allow the use of your microphone. These apps use a software called Alphonso and what this app does Is use your smartphone microphone to listen to what ads your hearing on the TV. It uses audio signals to collect the data from the ads your watching.

This could also be on YouTube or any other media platform. The software does claim that it does not pick up human speech there is a video that goes into more in-depth on this topic and where I actually learnt this information from on YouTube. 

how to stop my phone from listening to me?

How do I limit/stop my phone from listening to my conversations?

I don’t think you can completely stop them from listening if they are but there are ways to disable and limit what they can and can’t do. 

If you are an Apple user go into your settings then scroll down until you see privacy then find the microphone setting then from there you can disable anything you do not want to use your microphone and it’s as simple as that. 


In conclusion, I do think personally they record and listen to the things you say so they can better advertise to us I believe the Google and all the others do the same but if you’re going to take anything from this post if you want to disable your voice on certain apps just to be a little more safe. You can but in the long run it is just a theory I hope I’ve shed some light on that in this article If you’d like to look at some other work we have done I’ll leave some links down below to other blogs.

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