With IOS 14 just around the corner, I thought I would give my opinion and tell you guys some of the new features in Apple’s upcoming update IOS 14. There is a bunch of new features on this update.


IOS 14 has many new features, and many changes, but all in all, it’s still keeps everything looking fresh and more or less the same to give you that looks brand new but still home kind of feel.

 IOS 14 Main new features

App library 


There is now a way to have all of your apps that are already in folders in one place so you can see them all together and scroll down to find the ones that you want. It forms your apps which allows them to be easily accessible. Categories now sort your apps, and your favourite apps are just a few clicks away.


Compact calls


Now, this is a feature I have wanted on my phone for a very long time, Instead of phone calls blocking up your whole screen. So you can’t do anything. They now come up at the top of your phone in a small square box so if it’s a random number calling you or someone you don’t want to speak to you, or it could be a friend you would rather not talk to at that time you don’t have to end the call. You can just let it ring through and carry on what you are doing Without any interruption.

Picture in picture 


Picture in picture mode is also a feature that has been requested for a very long time you can facetime with your friends and go on other apps on your iPhone without any interruption at all. I can see this feature being beneficial for people that are in business if they need to FaceTime someone they can also send them images of spreadsheets or numbers at the same time while still staying on FaceTime.

Side features 



Your messages app has had quite an overhaul and quite a new number of features added to make it more convenient, You can pin up to 9 essential conversations at the top so you can always access them with ease. You can now reply directly to Specific message in a group chat, and they have added more emoji stickers to send to your friends.



Maps have now got a brand new feature which will benefit cyclists massively. You can now use maps to show you cycle lanes, bike paths and roads. If you have a Tesla or any other electric call, you can now plan your journey with charging stops planned in your root.



This feature is an entirely new Apple app that comes free with the latest iOS 14 update Which allows you to have conversations in 11 different languages. The design is very slick and user-friendly. Translate app has four different modes:

  • Conversation mode 

Turn your phone sideways So that it is landscape And then tap the microphone button to say something.

  • On-device mode 

This mode will be convenient if you are somewhere that does not have either a great Wi-Fi signal or no Wi-Fi at all. It allows you to use the languages that you have downloaded offline. 

  • Favourites 

You can save your favourite translations and phrases so you can always go back to them if you forget how to pronounce them.

  • Attention mode 

Attention mode puts your translated text in landscape view, making it much easier to read and more effective at getting someone’s attention.


The Siri feature on an iPhone is already absolutely amazing and helps people in their day-to-day lives in so many different ways, and now they’ve even added more features.


One of the significant changes to Siri is that it has an entirely new design. The new layout makes everything much easier to do, and getting things done even faster.


Siri can now answer broader questions. Instead of the simple yes or no answers were used to getting. You can also send voice message now with siri instead of having to go on to your message app. You can do it from your home screen.

The full list of features of the new iOS 14 update can be found on the Apple website I will leave the link down below for you to check out if you wish. 


New IOS 14 update

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