what is draining my iPhone battery? This is a question we get asked all the time while out on jobs and rightly so as phone batteries don’t actually last as long as you might think. For example, the iPhone’s battery only lasts for around 400 charges, so it works out around 2 years before you might want to look at getting it replaced.

Clear background apps

There are Lots of different reasons for why our phone batteries start to lose charge and slowly start to not last as long. Some of those answers are simple; for example, it could be that you don’t clear your background apps, and this is something you must-do if you value your battery life. You can do this on iPhones by just double-tapping the home button, then just swipe the unwanted opened apps, and that will save your battery a little bit, but every little bit helps.

Another little trick is to make sure when you’re not using Bluetooth that it’s turned off because that can dramatically help your battery life. Also, it means you won’t connect automatically to your friend’s aux in your car as my friend does this all the time, and that alone can be frustrating.

You can also Go into settings on your mobile phone go down to the battery tab, and you’ll be able to see see what app uses the most power of the battery when the app is in use. Knowing this, you will be able to see what apps drain your battery the most and not go on those apps when you’re out, so your phone does not die as quick.

Swelling iPhone battery

The other problems are a bit more complicated because your actual battery it’s self could be damaged. You can tell this because sometimes it can be visible that the battery is swelling up and lifting the screen slightly, or sometimes it can be quite noticeable. You’ll be able to see this on the side of where your Volume up and volume down buttons are if you are using an iPhone.

The screen will be pressured up at the top and sometimes also at the bottom if it is on the side of the volume up volume down buttons 9 times out of 10 it is the battery that has swollen and pushing the screen up. This can also cause your screen to crack, so if this has happened to you, then you should contact us immediately because it is dangerous to have a swollen battery in your phone. As it could burst and cause more damage in your phone or could injure you because it is lithium-ion that is in the battery and if that leaks, you can get a nasty burn. 

Although sometimes it Isn’t noticeable visibly at all. For example, your battery could just have gone past the 2-year mark and it’s slowly draining faster and faster The best way to check this is to go into your settings on your phone go to the battery tab and then go to battery health If your battery health is lower than 85% then you will definitely be needing a new battery, but It is above 90% then you should be okay for a while longer.

You can also check out our YouTube video for some quick tips in case you don’t want to read.


Settings to turn off to save your iPhone’s battery life:

Turn down the brightness on your phone

One of the easiest ways to stop your battery draining so quickly it’s a turn down your brightness on your phone. Yes, it might be better looking with higher brightness, but Unfortunately, it’s draining your battery life.

Turn of the vibrate motor

You may be surprised by this one, but having the vibrate motor on it drains your battery quite a bit, so it’s to disable it. On iPhone, if you go to settings > Sound & haptics > Scroll down to system haptics and turn it off.

Turn of Unnecessary notifications

Any notifications that you don’t need on, for example, game notifications or app notifications that you don’t really use, make sure to disable them because it will save your battery life. Go to Settings > Notifications > then go though the apps one by one Disabling the ones you want off.

Settings to turn on to save your iPhone’s battery life


Turn on optimized battery charging

Turning this setting on can keep your battery health from going down a while longer. This is a new setting that comes with IOS 13, so you’ll need to make sure your phone is on the latest IOS. Go to setting > Battery > battery health > press optimised battery charging.

Turn on airplane mode

If you’re not using your phone and you don’t mind missing some messages or phone calls, then turning on airplane mode can really make your phone battery last longer throughout the day, even if you have it on for an hour or so.


If you want any more tips or tricks on how to save your battery life Then check out one of the first blogs we ever made on battery tips And how to keep them healthy. How to keep your battery healthy.


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