How to scan documents on your phone? About a week ago, I didn’t even know that scanning documents on your phone was a feature that phones had! Until I needed to get a document scanned onto my computer, but I don’t own a scanner. So I asked my friend to borrow his. He suggested I used my phone and being a mobile phone repair tech I thought I knew most of the tricks with phones, especially iPhone’s but it turns out I was wrong. That’s a lesson for everyone reading, when you think you know it all, you really don’t, there is always more to learn.


Because I have an iPhone there are two inbuilt ways to scan your documents, but my friend who told me about the scanning documents feature had a Samsung phone. So I’ve also learned how to scan documents on those as well, so I’ve put together a short, but Informative guide for you to follow to access this hidden feature. There is also a video that iv made for you to follow along to, as well.

What can you use the Mobile phone scanning feature for?

You can use the feature to send someone an email of the document you scanned instead of sending it through the post. Which could take a few days, so scanning the document is a much quicker way, and it’s extremely useful if you don’t have a printer/scanner. Because you effectively have a pocket scanner that you can take with you everywhere you go.


Another use for scanning documents using your phone is scanning them to back them up in the digital form. Because it’s a lot easier to lose a piece of paper than to lose your mobile phone, so if you back your documents up by scanning them, you are there for decreasing the risk of losing them.

How to scan documents on your iPhone

There are two different ways you can scan documents using your iPhone from my knowledge; you can only use theses ways by having IOS 13 installed. If you don’t have IOS 13 or can’t get it because your phone is too old, then use this app called Tiny scanner, and this can be used for IOS devices as well as Android phones.

1: Using the notes app on your iPhone:

 The first method is you open up your notes app on your iPhone > create a new note then if you press on the camera icon you can select > scan documents then simply get the document you want to scan in front of your preferably on a hard surface, so the paper doesn’t get creased. Basically, make sure it’s as flat as possible before you make the scan, so you get the best quality. Once you have scanned your document, that’s it! You can save it, keep it on your phone as a digital backup or use it in an email; you can even make the document into a PDF file.

2: Using the files app on your iPhone:

This method has the same concept as the notes method but just a different app, so if you load up your files app up, we can get started. If you deleted the app you can go to the app store and re-download it door it’s just called (files)


Go to the Files app > When on the files app > go to browse > then press on the three horizontal dots in the top right-hand corner > press scan documents. Once you have done all those steps, it’s basically the same as the notes app method so that you can scan your documents for them as a PDF or an email.

How to scan documents on your android phone

From my knowledge and research, The best way to scan a document on an Android phone is either to use the Google Drive app that should be installed on your Android/ Samsung device. If it isn’t, you can download it via the Play Store. The other way I know of is by using a third-party app of the App Store, which I will link the app down below.

1: Using the Google Drive app:

The Google Drive app should Already be installed on your device if it isn’t just downloaded from the Play Store. Once you have done that, you can begin the steps. Open google drive > in the bottom right-hand corner > tap the plus icon > tap on the camera icon > press scan. Once you have pressed scan, you can adjust the camera to see the document and edit. You can save it into a folder you created, or you can make a new folder.

2: Using the Tiny scanner app:

If you don’t want to use any of the inbuilt apps on your phone, then your best option is to get Tiny Scanner it seems to be the best free scanning app I can find on the market it’s very easy to use and has a simple Interface. You can download the app here for IOS and Android devices. Once you have to download the tiny scanner app > open tinny scanner > press the + icon >, then you can scan your document.

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