Why mobile phones should be allowed in schools? Some teachers and parents believe that their kids should not be allowed to take their mobile phones into school, and I can understand why. Because for some students they can be a massive distraction to their learning and they can be used to cheat on tests if they sneak them into exams. However, I do believe there are a lot of benefits to allowing children to keep their phone during school.


Nowadays everyone in modern society has a smartphone, including students of all ages. They now have access to lots of different apps to help them with their education. Including spellings, grammar, maths and many other topics to help them learn during school times. Some schools like my little brothers get their students to use their phones during lessons to set them homework. Via there homework app they have to install on their mobile device.

Three reasons why mobile phones should be allowed in schools:

1: Mobile phones used for reminders

Sometimes in lessons, There can be a lot of information given out by the teacher and students might not be able to remember all the information that has said. The best option for the teacher in my option is to make the students make notes on their phones notes page.


They can even set reminders for when homework is due exactly when the teacher set the work. If teachers made all students put when homework was due or when the coursework was due students couldn’t use the excuse. “Oh I didn’t know the date” or “You didn’t tell me the date it was due” This way it could even increase the amount of work that the students do and therefore improve the overall grades.

2: Mobile phones used in case of an emergency

If the student/child is in danger and they don’t have their phone on them in school. Them not having their phone cloud lead to them, or there friend/classmate getting injured. Instead of a text/phone call that could of stop them getting hurt or potentially saved their life if they are in danger.


If the school allows there students to keep their phones during school times, they can also give them a sense of security. If they end up followed or need to call their parents or even emergency services. Because if they are not allowed their phones at school, they might not bring them with them to school and leave them at home.  This can be dangerous if they walk to and from school on the streets, and something happens they can’t let anyone know that they’re okay or need help.

3: Mobile phones/computers used during lessons

I know this one might be a bit out there for some people and you might not agree with it. Because traditionally you do not use your mobile phones or computers during lessons. One of my personal experiences, when I was at school, was being able to use a computer and be able to use my phone during lessons. It helped me massively, as I also have learning difficulties. This made writing on paper for me very difficult because, with dyslexia, the words moved around on the page. I would struggle to write and would take me much much longer than someone else in the class.


 So being able to use a computer and my phone I could look up spellings and make my writing much better. And this wouldn’t just be for English it would be for pretty much every other subject that I was in. 


Even if you don’t have learning difficulties, it can still be useful to use a phone or a computer during lesson times. To help with you with the way you’re writing is put together. You can do this using different applications on the computer or mobile phone. 

For example, I used apps like Grammarly, and I still use it to this day. I use it in all of my blogs to check my spellings and grammar and make sure everything flows correctly. This app is the best for me as I use it all the time, but there are other ones out there that you can use I personally pay for the premium version of Grammarly, but there is a free version as well that is just as good.

Why do teachers and parents think mobile phones should be banned in school?

Although having phones allowed in schools can be a good thing, there is also a negative side to it as well as teachers can’t monitor what students do on their phones during school times. It allowed them during lessons to obviously take advantage of it and maybe mess around and send things to their friends. Or even cheat on tests.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying is never going to stop entirely in schools Because it’s impossible to prevent every instance of it happening. Nowadays, bullying is not done physically but is mainly done online, which is called cyber bullying. With students having access to their mobile phones during school, it makes it easier for bullies. 


The best way for teachers to tackle this is to find the bullies quickly, and maybe take away that phones or contact their parents and inform them what they have been doing. It’s a massive problem because often you can’t find out their identity because they are using social media Anonymously.

Worried about the child’s phone being stolen 

The worry of parents is when their kids take that phones outside the house, their device could get robbed on the way to or from school. And that’s a lot of money gone down the drain if that’s the case. Or even if another student in the school steals the phone. And then goes home before the teachers of anyone else can do anything about it.

Can cause distractions

If teachers can’t control the class or students are allowed to take the phones out in lessons to maybe help with there learning. Some students may take advantage and abused the chance to use their phone and go on different things that they shouldn’t be in lessons. Therefore disrupting their learning.


So yes, as you can see, there is some negatives and positives to why mobile phones should be allowed in schools. I believe even with some of these negatives. It’s a positive thing to have access to computers and phones during lessons and school times. But they definitely have to be rules and regulations for when they can because otherwise, some students will abuse the use of having your phone in lessons.

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