You may think that you don’t have enough time to organize your store because you are occupied with plenty of tasks at hand. Taking care of orders, dealing with payment companies, making sure your inventory is full, it all needs your attention. But if you knew how much time that disorganization cost you, you’d reconsider your thoughts.

Rearranging and moving piles of repair receipts from time to time doesn’t seem big trouble, but when it comes to managing huge boxes or repair parts with no labels, that’s the messy part indeed! Taking care of all the old invoices in a disorganized computer repair store can be frustrating and time-consuming. Studies reveal that a relatively neat and orderly workplace leads to a clearer and more productive day.

So, let’s talk about what is the key to organizing your cellphone or computer repair shop effectively. Take a look at these tips that will help you transform your disorderly store into an efficient workspace.

Divide the Area & Separate What You Use

If you have several sections in your computer repair store that you want to get under control, start with just one. The area that gives you the biggest headache, or the area that is most accessible to the customers or whatever your priorities are, select one area and stick to it.

Most people fail and give up when they start cleaning up everything at once, and then the task of cleaning up the entire store seems impossible and daunting. When you complete one area, celebrate, appreciate, and then move on to the next. And if any tool has been sitting in a toolbox for months without being touched, unless it is some highly specialized piece of equipment, it needs to go.

Showcase Best Products at the Entrance

The first impression is the last impression – an adage heard a million times and proven to be very true indeed! Putting your best products, or those with the best profit margin forward tends to be more advantageous to your business. The most popular trending items also have the same success, easily grabbing a customer’s attention in a minimum amount of time. This sort of practice makes your business stand out more and compels a buyer to part with their cash in exchange for what’s on offer.

When you categorize your best and poorest-selling items, you are automatically organizing your store’s massive stock. And incentivizing customers to get their hands on your best-selling items. If you don’t know how to find your most-selling items, reach out to RepairDesk – a cloud-based computer repair POS software that does it all for you. It helps in identifying your total sold items, along with the revenue generated by them. Give it a try and take the hassle out of your daily life!

Maximize Vertical Space

Don’t just focus on the length and width of your repair store, but try to have more floor space that you can free up for working staff to move in, which is always a plus. Instead of only having a couple of shelves to house your repairing tools or items, take the storage area higher up to the ceiling to maximize the vertical space. The more space you have for your daily operations, the easier it will be for everyone.

Explore your store’s verticality and try to prioritize placement of the essentials accordingly. As a strict rule, anything that the customer is not directly tied to does not need to be in view.

Budget-Conscious Shelving

There are plenty of different ideas on how can you set up shelves in your retail store, depending on your style, needs, and budget. Try having open shelves for the items that are used most frequently, so you don’t have to open the drawers again and again to get the right thing.

Go for pegboards if you do not want tons of shelves. You can mount a pegboard to your wall and add hooks to hang everything by. Another easy and cheap way to store lots of cords is to coil up each wire and then put them in something like toilet paper tubes, then paste the description label on the outside of the container. Organize the little things to keep everything back to its place step by step.

Utilize inventory management software

Gear up your processes by having a complete inventory management software that helps in organizing and storing inventory records with efficiency. It is the perfect tool for keeping your repair parts and items with their respective labels. A POS software will also make it easy to run regular inventory counts on your system, guarantees that your repair shop never becomes overstuffed. And your floor never becomes understocked.


Instead of spending time looking for things and shuffling piles, start organizing your workplace today with RepairDesk, and you’ll enjoy working at your clutter-free store!

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