How to know if you have a smartphone virus?

You may be thinking, can smartphones now days even get a virus? Because I was thinking that too until I decided to do some research and well Unfortunately the answer is yes, yes they can. With the increasing number of new phones, there has also been an increase in Smartphone viruses.

Nowadays, it’s not just your data and bank details on your phone that gets stolen; it’s your online social identity on apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.

And these details are just what the hackers behind the smartphone viruses want. Because it’s your data, they can sell on the online black markets. So it’s essential to know when your phone has become subject to a nasty virus. We have some tips on how to spot them and how to eradicate them fast.

How your phone can be infected?

1. Apps containing malware or spyware

If you own an iPhone, it’s harder to install a virus unless it is jailbroken, because you can’t download apps outside the Apple app store. Apple does quite an excellent job at vetting all of its apps that are on the store to make sure there virus free.

Android phones, however, are more Vulnerable to getting viruses because they are more open software. So you can download applications from third-party sites instead of downloading from the Play Store. I would recommend that if you not a techy person that you only download apps of the app store that comes with your phone to save you from getting any smartphone viruses.


2. Attachments and links in emails

Watch out for spammy emails that are after your card details. They do this by telling you have won something or sometimes, and in my case, I had a fake email from the HMRC that looked very real. It even fooled me for a minute or two. I also clicked onto the link, which is a big no-no! I noticed it was fake when I saw the name of the email.

You can see that the email was fraudulent from the image; the email name is always a good indication of whether it’s real or not. If your still not sure, you can also email the actual company by finding their contact information on their website. Ask to see if it was sent by them if it wasn’t, delete the email and report it.

3. Facebook / Instagram message scams

These types of scams are typically used to hack into your Facebook account by getting you to click on a link. For example, it could be a link saying you have won something or it could even be a friend that’s already been hacked sending you a message. The best thing to look out for if you think your friend on facebook has been hacked and sending you a doggy link is to either ring/text them. If you have there a mobile number message to ask if it’s them. Or if it looks like nothing they have messaged before you should report it to facebook Immediately.


 Same goes for Instagram, but a more common scam on Instagram are fake accounts that direct message you, and try to make you click the link to see pitchers of them or some website. If it’s not already obvious to stay away from them, delete the messages and block the user. If you’re not sure how here’s a quick guide.

4. Text messages containing links from unknown numbers

If you get a message from a random number, you are best not even to reply. Also, if the message says to type “STOP “because you are more likely to get spammed with even more messages from the sender, the best option is to block the phone number. Another option if you want to check to see if the number isn’t a scam you can use this website to help you check to if other people have encountered the same number or not.

If you get a message of a company that you are working with or paying to use their services. And you Didn’t agree for them to send you messages you are best of finding the number on their online site and giving them a ring to find out if the number is fake or not, better to be safe than sorry.

How to get rid of smartphone viruses?

  • Download an anti-virus software from your phones app store, the one I use is called Lookout mobile security. It’s for IOS and Android, or another good one is AVG AntiVirus although it’s not free; it’s one of the best ones you can get/buy. (IOS) (Android).


  • Clear your history on any app you use to connect to the internet. You might want to do this if your virus is pop-ups when going online or tabs opening without you doing it.


  • Back up your phone and Completely reset your device back to factory new settings this way, the smartphone virus should be eradicated.


4 tips to protect your device from viruses / Hackers:

  • If you have an iPhone or an iPad it’s best to stay away from jailbreaking your device because when you do this you make your phone software, and you can download apps from other places than the apple store unless you know what you’re doing don’t get your device jailbroken, as it can lead you phone to lose data and many other problems. If you still want to though, do it at your own risk.

  • Always keep your apps updated to the latest version, if you have outdated apps it’s easier for hackers to access outdated security protection on the app, also keeping apps updated makes your device run faster and give better performance overall.

  • Read the terms / Privacy policy, when downloading an app you can find them on the app’s description, sometimes you might not want to take the time to do so, but it can help protect you from smartphone viruses.   

  • Get a VPN, this tip Isn’t Going to protect you from getting viruses But can protect you from people trying to steal your online data when using public wifi. I can recommend tunnel bear for IOS and Android users as I have used this app for many years now.

If you want more tips on how to protect your phone check out our other blog on how to maintain your phone in 2019 

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