Nowadays, we cannot live without our smartphones, and they have become a part of our daily lives. Wherever we go, we take our smartphones along with us since they help us in staying connected to people from all around the world with just a single tap on the screen. However, it is essential to know that these smartphones with great features are not cheap that’s why it’s important to maintain your phone.

You can check the latest iPhone 11 which has recently been introduced and has a retail price of £1,049, whereas the brand new Samsung note 10 costs £1,099.

This gives you the idea that smartphones are expensive. Every year big mobile companies like Samsung, Apple, etc. come out with new devices at higher prices than before. Buying a costly mobile is not easy.

Every year big mobile companies like Samsung, Apple, etc. Come out with new devices at higher prices than before. Buying a costly mobile is not easy. A lot of people have to do a lot of savings to be able to buy an expensive smartphone; therefore, it is vital to know how to take care of your smartphone correctly.

To save it from being damaged and look as new as ever. Spending a fortune on a smartphone and keeping it in bad condition is not a great idea. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you maintain your phone in 2019.


Get the perfect phone case.

We know that this one sounds like an obvious one, but you will be shocked to find out how many mobiles we repair without cases. A lot of people don’t get the right case for their phones. Many people get a flimsy plastic case which makes their phone look thicker and provides no protection to the phone at all.

The primary purpose of keeping your phone in a case is to protect it from breaking or getting damaged when it falls out of your hands. Instead of buying the basic plastic case for your phone you should spend your money on a robust and reliable phone case, which can protect your phone from getting damaged and will save you money in the long run.

If you are looking for a decent phone case, then you should check out the top phone cases on Amazon and eBay. You may also be able to find some suitable phone cases to maintain your phone in your local phone shop.

Checklist for finding a good case:

  • Make sure it’s waterproof or at least water-resistant. 
  • Shockproof, making sure it can survive a few drops. 
  • Dust-proof keeps dust out of your charging port.

Get a screen protector.

Having a solid case is not enough for protecting your phone from getting damaged. Most of the times people experience cracks on their phone screens which is why getting a decent screen protector for your phone is also essential. You can check out the screen protectors available on eBay and Amazon.

 It is crucial to know that the four corners of a phone are its weakest points and if you drop your phone. Then these points are most likely to be damaged easily, which is why you should always get a full cover case. Instead of buying a new phone when it gets damaged you can still get it repaired for cheaper. We have our prices listed here.

Avoid water and damp places.

If your phone, unfortunately, has a dip in the toilet or bath or any water for that matter here are the best things you can do.

Put your phone into a zip-lock bag with if possible Silica gel packets you can get theses with new tops or new trainers, they are very good at absorbing water. If you don’t have any on hand, don’t panic you can use dried rice instead, if you use rice you might want to block up the charging port with something like a bit of tissue paper that you can pull out so the rice doesn’t get stuck because that can be a nightmare.

If you have tried all options and you still can’t get the phone turned on, but you need your family photos or important data of your phone. The next step would be data recovery; now I can recommend LC tech as I have used them before they are quick and reliable. Although be warned if you go down that route, there’s a chance the phone will have to be destroyed to get your data off. 

Keep your phone up to date.

Another way to make sure that your phone works properly is to keep your apps and software up to date. Always update your phone’s software to the latest version since it will provide you with the newest security which will protect your phone from being hacked.

The updated software also improves the performance of the phone. Therefore, if you notice that your phone has started to lag or is being slow, then update your software. If its performance still doesn’t improve, then you should delete some unwanted apps. A lot of data on the phone also leads the phone, not working efficiently.

Here are some guides that will help you in keeping your android or apple software updated and maintain your phone.

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