On June 3, 2019, Apple introduced the newest and improved version of the IOS operating system at the keynote event of Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 and Apple lovers can’t be more excited. Apple has made this IOS more advanced, faster and efficient than the previous IOS versions but continued with its optimization trend-making IOS 13 a huge overhaul for IOS system.

With the advanced IOS system, people can now enjoy app launch times on two times faster speed, 50% reduction in-app download sizes, 30% faster Face ID detection, improvement in update times and so many other thrilling features that have taken IOS to a whole new level. Lets’ debunk some best features IOS 13 is offering:

1. Wifi and Bluetooth in Control Centre:

Control centre is the new feature helps you to access the Bluetooth and the Wifi easily. There is a widget that shows the menu which directly shows the option of different Wifi networks that are available at that time and Bluetooth items. It can save your time to make your phone easily operate able.

2. Dark Mode:

This is one of our best features introduced to IOS by far. The new slick black theme will give your mobile a new attractive look especially if you have an iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max because these models have the OLED display. The main purpose of this feature is to reduce the usage of your battery so you can enjoy your iPhone for longer.

3. Sign in with Apple:

This is a very helpful feature, helps you to have a secure login to different social apps. This feature can presents you the offer of signing up with the Google, Facebook and with your email when you are signing the new apps in your mobile. You can run the apps without the risk of being tracked. Signing in with your Apple ID gives you the option with the benefits for two-factor identification that will build the extra layer of the security. In some apps the developers ask about your name and the email address for authentication, you can ignore this by signing with your Apple ID. Apple creates the random email address by itself for signing the app so no one knows about your original email id.

4. Improved Siri:

iSiri is one of the great feature only available in the Apple mobiles. It provides the best suitable options for your problems, but sometimes it will fail to be realistic. The virtual assistant should be realistic enough to understand your problems and assist you according to it. This update will improve Siri and make it realistic virtual personal assistant.

5. Photos:

Now a day’s people are conscious about their photos. Through this update, you can access your images easily with different option of the display. You can make the different folders of your photos and the videos according to your choice. The videos and the still shots can be played on the windows automatically. You can save the photos with the caption to find them quickly. To identify the place and to remember the dates you captions. The editing tools are also upgraded to allow you the professional editing.

6. Better battery conditioning:

One of the best benefits of this upgrade is the improvement of battery life. The Sony mobiles have these similar features, but as we discussed above the Apple believes in doing the right things. This feature allows the user to have a regular charging habit. Instead of showing the 100 percent charging immediately, it can allow you to charge for a night up to 80 percent and show the full charge right before when you plug it. It is just for developing the regular charging habits in the users.

7. Cameras:

The camera has an upgraded feature so you can enjoy the portrait lighting effects. You can adjust the effect with the intensity to capture the high-quality pictures. The other new feature is the high key light mono to allow you to capture the DSLR quality pictures.

8. Maps:

The new upgrade comes up with the new looks of the maps, the fastest and best operating options available in new maps. This feature can save your driving locations, and run without making troubles. Some latest features include the detailed address of your destinations. The maps have the option of showing the paths with the images to help the user to reach his destinations easily. Google street view delivers the best quality of the streets with the help of aerial photography in the high resolutions of the 3D graphics. The flyovers have a clear view due to the use of aerial photography. The map contains the directions up to 4 million miles.

9. Quick Path:

The quick path is the new keyboard system which makes typing more convenient and easy. It is almost like the software Swiftkey. With the help of the quick path, you can stroke the screen continuously without any break. This will increase your typing speed and make easier to type long conversations.

10. Memoji Stickers:

Memoji stickers are a new source of showing your emotions in your conversations. The latest update improves the Memoji stickers in the messages in the form of videos. There are many different types of options in Memoji sticker, you can create a little cartoon in messages, emails, and notes and anywhere you want.

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