1: Earbud Holders 



Personally, I found these earbud holders to be ideal, as it makes it easier to carry earphones in my pocket by taking away the stress of having to untangle them. I think we’ve all been in that tedious situation where we want to quickly listen to music on public transport or maybe just as we’re walking, but it takes so much effort to unwrap your earphones that you may as well just not bother! 


This invention allows you to quickly access your headphones properly no matter where you are or what you’re doing, for me it was an easy enough choice to buy it. I believe this is such a necessary product the everyday person needs just to make life a little bit easier.

2: Folding Bluetooth keyboard 



This is easily the most unique and pragmatic keyboard I’ve used in a long time, due to the extra accessories it has. First of all the device has Bluetooth, but also has the ability to fold up so you can fit it in your pocket! The Bluetooth feature means the keyboard can be connected to almost anything that also has Bluetooth. You can also connect it to your laptop/desktop with a wired connection using a USB. 


This particular type of keyboard is ideal for people that like to “type on the go”, whether it be travelling on a train or on a coffee break. The fact that it can be taken with you anywhere at any time (due to its compact size) makes it easier for bloggers to type away their thoughts when the moment hits them. Also, the benefit of having Bluetooth enables you to connect it to your phone in case you don’t have your laptop on you at the time.

3: Wireless Key Finder 



This may possibly be my favorite piece of technology on this list, as I am forever misplacing my keys! I always seem to be putting them somewhere safe then completely forgetting where that safe place was, it’s a reoccurring nightmare! If you can relate to any of this, I can guarantee that it’s the right product for you.


With this package, you will be given a small remote along with 6 mini receivers that you can attach to your keys, or even leave inside your wallet. All you need to do is press the button on the remote which will activate a loud beeping noise, leading you to your precious keys. Just try not to lose the remote!

4: Magnetic Multi Charger Cable



Ever snapped your charger or it’s become bent over time? Well, that is now a thing of the past as this little gadget will solve your problems. The charger is magnetic but also comes with three separate interchangeable charging heads, Micro-USB, USB type-c, and the Lighting adapter.

They are also classed as “fast charging” cables, so will charge your device much faster than the standard charging cable. However, the main benefit of this product is that it won’t get damaged when the phone is accidentally yanked out.

5: WiFi extender 



Wi-fi extenders are great if you don’t have an internet router in your room, or if your internet connection is poor. The instructions are very easy to follow after you’ve plugged it in, after that it’ll be exactly like having the internet router right next to you.

This is particularly beneficial for those of you that have a desktop PC, as you can connect it directly to the wi-fi extender which will help optimise your internet speed.

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