Best sim deals for students

The question which might be bothering you as well is; “what is a sim-only plan after all?” Well, to clarify a bit a sim only plan is the monthly sim plan which gives you loads of minutes, SMS and MB’s in lower rates.

This means you can get countless minutes, Loads of SMS, and use unlimited internet at lower rates and prices. These are some of the advantages of selecting a SIM-only plan.
If you’ve recently bought a new phone, make sure you insert a sim which provides the best sim deals/sim only plans and packages.
We have compiled a list of some of the best sim deals, that you can talk to your friends and family whenever and wherever you want.

Get 1GB Data, unlimited minutes and SMS in £6.25/month:

If you are new to the network then this deal is perfect for you. It not only gives you 1 GB data but also provides unlimited minutes, internet and SMS. So, what are you waiting for? Activate your Smarty sim and get minutes, MB’s and SMS the next three months for “free”. Not only this, but you can also add to the data. The cost of additional 1 GB data is almost £ 1.25 per month and you are also credited for all the unused data as well.

Available 1 GB data, unlimited minutes and SMS:

The best thing about the iD Mobile package is that you can get 1 GB data, 500 minutes and unlimited SMS in just five pounds. You can also use the remaining MB’s the next month. You can also get unlimited talk time minutes for six pounds total per month. Amazing, isn’t?

2GB, 1000 minutes and unlimited SMS by Virgin Mobile:

Virgin Mobile gives an amazing monthly sim only plan which includes 2 GB data, 1000 minutes and unlimited SMS for six ponds only. The Virgin Mobile sim also gives you an option to use the unused data in the following month. This means none of your data will go wasted.

Get 4 GB data, unlimited minutes and SMS in £10/month:

If you think you use more data and require more minutes than the usual one month package than this Smarty sim package is best for you. It includes 4 GB data along with unlimited minutes and SMS in £7.50/month only. All you need to do is pay upfront and avail this offer.

Plusnet one month contract:

The Plusnet provides a one month contract for £7.50 which includes 1 GB 4G data along with unlimited minutes and SMS. Not only this, the service quality of the sim is outstanding which is why most of the customers recommend buying this.


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