Top 5 apps for iPhone users is a new blog series we have started and it’s going to be coming out every week with the latest and greatest top 5 apps for iPhone users, If you’re on android don’t panic as we will be doing a separate blog series for Android users.

Music Volume Booster – Boosts sounds


Music Volume Booster allows you to be able to boost the audio of your phone. So you can listen to music just that little bit louder, but we recommend that boost the sound too much as you may damage your device.

Secret Files – Password locked folders


Ever wanted to hide those special pictures you have saved on your phone? Now you can as this app allows you to put your pictures in a locked folder with a passcode. So this gives you that extra bit of security if someone ever gets into your phone.

Webduo – Splitscreen


Webduo is an amazing app that allows you to have two web pages open at the same time. So you could be doing some research on one tab and be watching your favourite youtube videos on the other.

Mobile master – Mobile toolbox


This app is a fully equipped toolbox for your iPhone. You have an Internet speed test, Ruler, Magnifier, Projector, Nightlight, Live wallpapers and loads more useful tools that come in this one app. – VPN and internet boost


This app is a two in one you get an internet booster that improves how fast websites load. And the other side of the app is a VPN that protects you and keep you anonymous online while you browse the web.

Need your phone fixing?

21st Century Repairs is a mobile phone repair business that operates in Nottingham as a mobile phone reparation service provider.

What makes us different is that we operate in a van meaning we can be mobile and flexible to do repairs all over the city as efficient and effective as possible.

Can smartphones get viruses?

Can smartphones get viruses?

How to know if you have a smartphone virus?You may be thinking, can smartphones now days even get a virus? Because I was thinking that too until I decided to do some research and well Unfortunately the answer is yes, yes they can. With the increasing number of new...