Here are Top 10 tips for iPhone users


If you’ve just received an iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone X or an older version, do a favour to yourself and keep these practical tricks and tips to save you time and gain more productivity. These tips also apply to previous iPhone models too on the condition that the device is running the latest Apple iOS 12 or iOS 11 update last year.

1. Touch to wake up

Without the home button, the iPhone XS and XR have one less method to wake up itself. Yes, you can still press the side key as many people believe it. This is not the case. Apple has integrated the touch function to wake up iPhone XS and XR screens. Just tap on it once to wake it up.

2. Shake it to undo

This may be uncomfortable at times, but it may save your life too.
If you just type a long sentence and accidentally delete it or made another catastrophic error, you can shake your iPhone to display the “Undo / Redo” dialogue box.
Make certain you have a firm hold on your iPhone before you get to shake it!

3. Use the earphone cable to capture an image

Do your shaky hands hinder you from taking good pictures? You can capture a snapshot using the increase or decrease the volume buttons on the headset.

4. Make the screen darker

If you find that the lowest possible brightness of the iPhone screen in a dark environment is still very bright for your eyes, you can reduce the screen brightness to below normal limit. Go to Settings> Accessibility> Zoom Filter> Low Brightness. You can now switch from normal to a dimmed appearance by pressing the power/side button three times.

For quick triple press access, make sure that the low light filter is included in the Accessibility pop-up menu under Settings> Accessibility> Accessibility.

5. Measure almost everything

The Measure app, a new iOS 12 application, uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, face detection, automated learning, and augmented reality to measure almost anything that you point your iOS device camera to.

6. Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass

If your vision is not the same, but you need to read a small text such as a product specification or recipe, use the magnifying glass. No, not like enlarging the camera application: The magnifying glass makes many improvements to help you look at things that are sometimes smaller than you can see.
Includes slider to adjust zoom, buttons to enable LED flash, access filters, and focus lock (used to improve visibility or detail). You can also change the image saturation, exposure, and colour contrast separately.

To enable or disable this feature, select General> Accessibility> Magnifying Glass.

7. Lyrical search

If you remember the some of the lyrics to the song that you were listing to in the radio of your car and you do not know the exact name of the song, you can type it in the Search Music or iTunes search box. The apps will provide you with the song or list of songs with similar lyrics, and you can choose the song that you liked.

8. Take pictures while recording video.

Do you ever wish you can capture a magical moment with your iPhone and can take a picture at the same time? Do not stop recording! While recording, touch the camera key that appears along with the shutter button on the screen.
Even though you are not using the actual iPhone imaging sensors, the pictures still look good using the slightly less impressive video sensors.

9. Stop music with a timer

You love hearing music when you go to bed at night, but do you fall asleep a lot without turning off your iPhone? You can use a timer to stop the music. To do this, click Clock> Timer> when the timer expires. Scroll down and touch Stop Playing. Then adjust temporarily (e.g., 30 minutes) and press “Start.” You can now turn any music, and it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

10. Disable face recognition quickly

According to where you live, the police can enforce the unlocking law of the smartphone through face recognition functions. For some reason, biometrics of the face is not as protected under the law as fingerprints, and access codes are in some places. That’s why Apple has included a feature that lets you turn off facial recognition quickly without having to enter the configuration. Just press the side key five times to turn off face detection. Instead of accessing your phone via your Face ID, you must enter your password.

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