Best tips for protecting your iPhone screen:

Who doesn’t want to learn ways of protecting your iPhone screen after spending a lot of money on your device?

The iPhone screen can be vulnerable to crack and entirely ruin your phone, costing you even more money, this is why they say: prevention is critical.
To avoid the damage, you should take care of the screen with different tricks so that even if your iPhone slips, the screen doesn’t crack.

1. iPhone Pop sockets

One invention that has become quite common is the pop socket that is attached on the back of the iPhone to give you a better grip of your phone. It will prevent your iPhone from falling or slipping from your hands when you are using it.

However, you must ensure that the socket is well-adjusted as well as sticks well to the phone. You will notice that your phone is less prone to fall from your hands by mistake. Many consumers have seen a large shift by using pop sockets.

2. Screen Protectors for protecting your iPhone screen

Screen protectors have been in business for quite some time. In the past, they were mainly used to keep the screen shiny and bright and free from scratches.
However, over time, glass and magnet protectors have been invented which are thicker and provide better protection to the iPhone screen. If you want to make sure that your phone’s screen stays intact for long, do try magnet screen protectors for the phone.

3. Covers/Cases for protecting your iPhone screen

Now, you might be thinking that iPhone covers can’t play that big of a role when it comes to preventing cracked screens. But it does! There are many types of phone covers in the market. But you need to keep an eye for covers that will also cover the margins of your front screen.

It will also prevent your screen from cracking when it falls. And more importantly, if you are not ready to get an iPhone screen change, don’t risk your phone with going bare. Do use a phone cover, especially for the day-to-day routine.

4. Few Basic Tips

This is one of those things that are not taken into account, but you have to be careful about not leaving things on top of your phone. The weight of another item can take a toll on the screen. Even if it does not crack, it might weaken the surface making it vulnerable to crack.


Similarly, when you put your iPhone in your bag, it is prone to get the screen cracked by rubbing against other items. An excellent way to prevent this is to secure the iPhone in a separate pocket so that it does not get tainted by the rest of your things.


Another simple trick is to be mindful of your iPhone and where you place it. If you are touchy about cracked screens, then there is no other way around it but to be responsible. No matter which device it is, you should make sure that you don’t toss it across so that the screen is not ruined. These tips will help you prevent the screen from getting smashed.


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