iPhone battery and how to keep them healthy?

Everyone knows that the iPhone has won the competition in the world of technologies. There is no other durable and worthy smartphone than the iPhone. However, have you ever thought about what makes it so precious and highly demanded among consumers?

It’s basically its simple and sleek design, features, as well as battery and performance. So, let’s talk about the battery of iPhones in this article.

Apple has made the iPhone batteries by using the lithium-ion technology in their manufacturing. It is because of this technology that these batteries are long-lasting, fast chargeable, and durable in the long run.

In other batteries, you will see the issues of slow charging, battery low, and related issues due to inefficient technologies used in them. In contrast, you will never face any such issue with the iPhone.

However, it is true that everything has an expiry date, whether it is a human or a non-living thing. The same rule is applied on batteries of all kinds, no matter the iPhone battery or any other. Thus, it becomes important to take care of your iPhone battery to enhance its performance and lifespan.

How to Enhance Battery Performance?

  • To enhance battery performance always take care of the few important things which are as follows:
  • Never keep charging your iPhone battery under direct sun heat or hot temperatures. The excessive heat directly impacts the battery as well as its performance. Thus, always charge your iPhone under the shade/normal-temperature or in a room.
  • Whenever your battery is fully charged, make sure to unplug the charger and turn off the switch. Never let it attached to current when it is already fully charged. This thing only harms your battery and minimizes its shelf life.
  • Whenever you have to keep your iPhone as it is, without using, never charge it fully because it would also damage the battery. Always half charge your iPhone battery whenever you have to store in for a longer duration. By following these three simple tips, you can amazingly enhance your battery performance.

Taking care of your batteries can greatly enhance its lifespan, but still, it has to go out-of-order one day. When you feel like your iPhone battery’s performance is reduced and it needs replacement, you must go for it.

The first and foremost important thing to look for an iPhone battery replacement is to check its warranty. If your phone is still covered by warranty, you will be lucky. This is because in this situation, you will not have to pay anything to the company but they will bear the cost of battery replacement. However, if the warranty is expired, then you will have the pay the cost of replacing your iPhone battery.

If your battery needs replacement, never ask it from random merchants. Always visit the authorized Apple Customer service locations and book an appointment with them. As they are authorized dealers and professionals, they will help you better in this task.

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